SolidWorks is a 3D CAD (computer-aided design) design and modelling program which is used to create 3D models for mechanical design. Using SolidWorks, engineers can quickly design and experiment with product ideas. Once a model is created in SolidWorks, they can make detailed drawings that can be used to produce the product.


Download the compressed file for the latest version, (older versions will expire),  from and extract it in a location you can find it. From Version 2017 the file is compressed using 7z compression so you may need an external program to uncompress it first  - 7-zip. You cannot install the program without first extracting the 7z contents.

After this, double click the setup.exe file to begin the installation process.

Solidworks 1

On the next form please enter the SolidWorks serial number and press the Next button.

SolidWorks 2

The installation program then contacts SolidWorks to verify the serial number. This might take some time.


Now you have the opportunity to select which products you want to install and where they will be installed. The default values are usually fine.

SolidWorks 3

Now the installation program installs the SolidWorks software. Again this might take a while.

SolidWorks 4

Finally you can select different options on what to see and which "programs" to participate in. This is up to you.

SolidWorks 5

Press Finish to finalize the installation. It might be required to restart the computer before using SolidWorks for the first time.



The first time you start SolidWorks you will be asked to activate your license. Select "I want to activate my SolidWorks product now".


Press the Select All button to select SolidWorks.


Fill in your contact information. Please register with your official DTU e-mail address and "Technical University of Denmark" as the school name.

SolidWorks info

Now you will see a list of your licenses and the corresponding expiration dates. Press the Finish button to finish the setup of SolidWorks.

SolidWorks activ

Finally press Finish to finalize the activation of SolidWorks


Uninstall of Transfer license

If you want to use SolidWorks on another computer or just uninstall SolidWorks, please select Transfer Licenses from the help menu and transfer all licenses back to SolidWorks.




Blank Installation Manager window when attempting to install SolidWorks

Windows 7 and 8 can block files that it thinks may be malicious. This same security feature can cause the SolidWorks installation manager to not work properly. To fix the issue, you will need to unblock the installation files.

You can try the following methods

  • If you have the compressed file right click on it and select properties, in the right down corner you will find an unclicked box that says unblock, click it and apply before clicking ok.

Solidworks troubleshoot1


If you have already unzipped the file and you cannot follow the previous method you can go to the folder where you saved the software and find, for instance, the path C:\Downloads\#App\SolidWorks_2015_x64_SP03\sldim\lang\english. Then, Right Click > "Properties" > "Unblock" to all the html files that are in this folder, including the folder HTLM. After that, run sldim.exe in C:\Downloads\#App\SolidWorks_2015_x64_SP03\sldim.





  • Try and reset your Internet Explorer settings to the default, close the browser and re-launch the SolidWorks Installation Manager
  • This can also be caused by a Microsoft Internet explorer security update (as mentioned here Try uninstalling the update through Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > View Installed Updates. Uninstall KB967941 if possible, and follow workaround method 4 from the link before. Restart the computer and re-launch the SolidWorks installation.


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