Student IT support has moved to AIT. Latex support remains in 308/125D

Information regarding changes to our servers ssh keys: Gbar/HPC ssh-keys


Information if you are unable to login into thinlinc/repos/gitlab/etc after 07/11/2021: Why you have to set a new password


Information about exercises can be found here.

Here you will find information about the systems provided by G-bar.


We provide 

  • Guides on how to connect to eduroam at campus, usage of general IT services
  • Large amounts of downloadable course software, including Matlab, Maple and much more
  • Plenty of computing power (for big simulations, consult the HPC site) 
  • 30 GB of online storage
  • SVN, CVS and GIT repositories for version control

Latex support can be found at Lyngby Office 125D in Building 308 - you can check out the opening hours at OFFICE HOURS.

You can try to use the search function to find relevant content. You can also find a list of support articles under FAQ.

If you need support, you can find the contact information under CONTACT.

Furthermore, we also provide exercises and courses that introduces the IT system at DTU. For more information, check out Exercises.



The G-Bar is a separate databar, which means that we have nothing to do with other databars e.g E-bar, Win-bar. If you are looking for information on another databar refer to: 



01 2017
Please note that the IT support office has been moved to the DTU library. Latex support remains in 308.
12 2015
Want to take advantage of the new GitLab service, or perhaps move your existing repos project over? Check out
04 2015
ShareLaTex We now offer ShareLatex, an online mulituser system for making LaTex documents. Check out and