For more information regarding the storage servers available from Gbar/HPC refer to HPC Storage

The GBar home directory server is, and is the one that you see when you connect to the Gbar/HPC systems: (Used for thinlinc connections) (Used for data trasnfer to/from DTU)

You can use scp/sftp/rsync/samba to access files on it from your local workstation. Please remember that your home directory has a 30Gb quota so for large amounts of data request a scratch directory.

Checking Disk Usage  / Quota

Home quota is default 30Gb and can be checked by running the following command (Information is updated every 30 minutes):

Scratch directories: /work1,  /work3 generally 3Tb. Usage can be checked by running:

Linux/MacOS Command line:

To copy a file from DTU to your local computer you can use scp or rsync. Run the following on your own computer/laptop:

scp .

To copy an entire directory:

rsync -av .

Copying data to DTU, this will create the local-directory in your home:

rsync -av local-directory

 GUI FTP Access (MAC and Windows)

Applications such as filezilla can access your Linux home directory by connecting to the transfer server.

Local Site: Any Local directory on your computer
Username: Your DTU ID Password: ... Port: 22

The first connection will ask you to accept the servers host key (same as an ssh connection will do)

filezilla ssh


 Once connected this will show your Remote site as your DTU Linux home directory:


 Now you can drag/drop files between DTU and your local computer.


Drive Mapping

When you are connected to the DTU network (wired or wireless), you can connect to your home directory via SAMBA.


From Finder select Go | Connect to Server (⌘K) and enter the following as the Server Address:




Tools | Map Network drive

And select any drive letter and enter the following as path:


 Note: this will only give access to your home directory and not any of the work scratch directories.


Mounting your home directory via sshfs means that it will also work from outside the DTU network.

sshfs local-directory

local-directory is just a directory on your Linux system that will be used to mount your GBar home.




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