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Origin is a software program for interactive graphing and data analysis. It is published by OriginLab Corporation, and runs on Microsoft Windows. Graphing in Erigin includes both 2D and 3D plot types. Data analysis includes statistics, signal processing, curve fitting and peak analysis. More specifically, the curve fitting is performed under the Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm which is implemented with nonlinear least squares. One can import various file format in Origin, such as ASCII text, Excel, NI TDM, DIADem, NetCDF, SPC, etc. Graph exporting is also possible in various formats such as JPEG, GIF, EPS, TIFF, etc. Finally, Origin includes a built-in query tool to access database data via ADO.

As Origin is made for Windows it's not available at the G-Bar. Instead it can be downloaded and installed on your own computer.

You can download Origin from our downloads page.

There's a lot of information and many tutorials available at OriginLab own site.



From version 2017:

From version 2017 (9.4) you need a Product Key to activate OriginPro.
Send an email to to request a Product Key.

DTU has two types of licenses for OriginPro:

  • a stand-alone license
  • a network license

All license codes, license server names and ports, are found at in the INSTALL.standalone or files, under the Origin folder . 


Stand-alone License

During the installation of OriginPro, you will need to provide the serial number for the stand-alone license.

After the installation, you will need to register at the vendor's homepage,, to obtain a license file. It is important that you either use 'Danmarks Tekniske Universitet' or 'Technical University of Denmark' in the 'Company' field during the registration, and you will also have to use your DTU e-mail address, i.e. an address that ends on (e.g. or Your Gmail or Hotmail address will not work here.

During the registration, you will get a 'Registration ID', which you will need to finish the installation, e.g. obtain a valid license, the next time you start OriginPro.


Network License

During the installation of OriginPro, you will have to provide the serial number for the network license.

You will also have to provide the name and port number of the license server.


The activation happens the first time you launch Origin software after completing installation. Remember to launch the program as administrator.

1. You will get a window asking you to specify the path for saving the files you create when using the software. If this path doesn't already exist, you will get a second window asking you to create it. Click "Yes" in that.

origin userfilesfolder

2. If you have used the network license code during the installation, then you will get a License Information window, where you have to fill up the server name and TCP/IP Port as described in the license file found at

origin licenceInfo

3. If you have made no error in completing the above fields, you will then get a message of successful license update.

origin licenceSuccess

4. Origin 9 program is now ready for use.

origin ready4use


1. Run the Origin90SR2_Setup.exe file and click "Next" in the Welcome window.

origin install 1

2. Click "Yes" to the License Agreement window.

origin install 2

3. Choose the option "Install Product (requires serial number)" and click "Next".

origin install 3

4. In the next window fill in the username you use for your pc, "Technical University of Denmark" as company name and the license number, according to the type of installation you want to perform. In this example we perform a network-license installation and, therefore, insert the corresponding serial number.

origin install 4

You will also get a message to confirm the information you filled out previously before sending them. Click "Yes" if your data are correct.

origin install 5

5. Select the checkbox in the following window to remember to launch the Origin program as Administrator after the installation is finished.

origin install 6

6. Choose the installation according to your operating system 32-bit, 64-bit or both

origin install 7

7. Specify the path of the directory you want Origin 9 to be installed or choose the default one

origin install 8

if you get a message that the directory doesn't exist, then click "Yes" to the question of whether you want Setup to create it.

origin install 8b

8. Select the English Help Files feature and click "Next".

origin install 9

9. If you have multiple users on your pc, choose whether you want Origin to be installed only for the current one or to all of them.

origin install 10

10. Choose the folder where you want the program icons to be displayed. It is recommended to use the default one.

origin install 11

11. In the next window click "Next" and wait for the installation to be completed

origin install 12

12. When the installation finishes you will get the following message. Select the option "Launch Origin now as administrator to complete licensing.." and click "Finish". See the Activation instruction on how to complete the software licensing.
origin install finish



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