PTC Creo is a CAD software application used mainly in mechanical engineering to design and analyse 2D and 3D models. It belongs to the category of CAD/CAM/CAE products and it was created by Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). It was initially known as Pro/ENGINEER, but the name currently used is Creo Elements/Pro. It runs mainly on '''Microsoft Windows systems''', thus we provide only installation files in our "Downloads" page.

The M-bar has made an agreement with PTC concerning a DTU site license for Creo.
The agreement is running until ''July 1, 2021''.

The licenses for Creo are for free for DTU students.

With regard to of employees, Phd-students and guests, however, the institute or each user must make a contribution to the M-bar for the use of licenses. The contribution for an individual user is 1.000 kr. per year and for an institute 5.000 kr. per year.

The rules for using PTC Creo at DTU are given by PTC Education Agreement for Licensed Products.

PTC Creo is installed in the M-bar. A version of the software for personal use can be downloaded from here.


PTC Creo can be downloaded and installed on your personal computer. The license information can be obtained from Mbar. The license allows you to use the software at DTU Campus. In case you want to use it also from home, you may "borrow" a license for 5 days use. Example for Version 4:

ptc license


Furthermore, you computer name must have your DTU user name (e.g. "s123456" for students and "abcd" for employees) in order to be able to obtain the license from the license server. If your user name contains special characters, and you try to obtain a license with that, then you will be excluded from obtaining one. You will then need to contact to revoke the exclusion.

"Borrowing" a license

1. If you want to get a borrow license for 5 days, then, when you are on the DTU campus net execute, the file for Creo 1.0

C:\Programmer\PTC\Creo 1.0\Parametric\bin\ptcborrow.bat

2. Check if you have received a borrow license by executing the following command "ptcstatus":

Start -> All Programs -> PTC -> Pro ENGINEER -> ptcstatus.

There must be a  ^  in front of your user_id in the list of licenses, if it is a borrow license.

Creo Elements/Pro Schools Edition

You can download a free copy of Creo Elements/Pro Schools Edition. In order to do that, you need to register, download and install. Follow these steps

PTC eLearning, Creo

Students have the possiblity to access the eLearning system of PTC. The access period is one year, i.e. for the period August 1 to July 1 and costs 100 dkr.
From August 1 all students shall have the possibility to buy access to PTC eLearning.
After asking for access to PTC eLearning, you shall receive an e-mail from PTC with a license to eLearning and instructions on how to get started.

Known Issues


  • I get the error message: "User/host not on INCLUDE list for feature".

This normally implicates that you are asking for a license from a network outside DTU. (Maybe because you are attempting to borrow a license from home which will not work.) You should ask for a borrow license, when you are at DTU Campus network.


  • I followed the instructions, but didn't receive a borrow license.

One reason could be that you are missing the environment variable  LANG  which is supposed to have the value  C. To set the environment variable  LANG, choose:

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> New

and specify the Variable name and the Variable value.


  • I get the error message: "User/host on EXCLUDE list for feature."

This message implies that your user_id or your PC have been excluded from obtaining a license. The reason for that could be a space character or a special letter/character in your user name. You need to contact to revoke the exclusion.


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