Mathematica is a computational application developed by Wolfram Research and is widely used for engineering, mathematical and other scientific reasons.

For more information about the software see Wolfram webpage

DTU has signed an unlimited university site license agreement with Wolfram Research, Inc. on the use of Mathematica. The agreement gives access to install and use Mathematica at DTU computers, on the scientific staff home computers, and on eligible students personal computers. You can see the exact conditions for installation and operation in DTU's agreement with Wolfram. You can download the software from here.


We provide instructions for two types of operating systems:

Windows 7

Mac OS X 10.7

Windows 7

Choose the version of Mathematica which better serves you. Here we provide installation instructions for '''version 9.0'''.

1. Download the executable file and run it on you computer, allowing the software to make changes on your pc, in case you receive a relative warning.

2. When the installation procedure starts, you choose the folder you wish Mathematica to be installed. You may leave the default path chosen by the software.

3. Install all the components provided by Mathematica, including the optional ones.

4. In the next window choose the name of the Start Menu shortcut of the program. In case you do not wish to create a Start Menu folder, select the checkbox on the bottom of the window.


5. Wait a few minutes for the installation to complete at which point you can choose to try out the browser plugin by checking the option. 



Mac OS X 10.7

1. Once you've downloaded the program from our downloads page, drag and drop the executable file into the Applications folder.

2. Then open the Applications folder to start Mathematica.

3. By double-click on the Mathematica icon as shown on the window below, you will then open a window asking for you to fill in your activation code. The procedure to get the activation code is described below.


4. Even without activating Mathematica, it is possible to install the extras provided for your Browser. As shown in the window below double-click on the "Extras.pkg" icon.


5. The installation will start normally. You will be warned for the space needed for the installation, which is 3.2MB. Provide your system's credentials when needed.


6. In the end, you will get a message that the "Mathematica Extras have been successfully installed". Furthermore, your browser will open to inform you about the plugin installed there.


We provide 3 different types of licenses:

Student Home-Use License

Faculty Home-Use License

Network License

Student Home-Use License

1. DTU students can obtain a license by navigating to the Wolfram Activation Key page and creating an account.


2. In the next page, students should fill out their first and last name and their official DTU e-mail address, e.g. Select also a password of your choice and insert the confirmation code. Finally, click on the button "Create Wolfram ID".


3. You will then get a message of successful creation of your WolframID. Select OK. Do not close the browser tab, you will need to fill it out on step 5.


4. You will also receive an email concerning your Wolfram ID registration. Click on the link in the email to validate your account. After successful validation, you will see the following message.


5. Fill out the following form with your first and last name and your official DTU e-mail address, e.g., to request the activation key for your product.


6. After submitting the form you navigate to a page, which informs you about the details you've sent. Simultaneously, you will receive an email from Wolfram with your Temporarily Assigned Activation Key. It may take a couple of days for the Site License Administrator to Approve the Activation Key.


7. Start Mathematica on your pc. In the first window you get fill in the Activation key you received and, then, accept the terms of Mathematica License Agreement.


8. After the activation procedure is completed, your Mathematica opens normally.

Faculty Home-Use License

This type of license can be used by scientific employees of DTU to use on their home personal computer or laptop. 

1. Order your own home license through the Home-Use Mathematica License Request Form of the Wolfram Research's Faculty and fill in '''L2246-4218''' as activation code.


2. Specify that you will receive your license by first sending it to your Site Administrator for approval. After approval, Wolfram Research password and CD will be sent directly to you. Select, also, the type of platform you are using.


3. Finally, fill in the form with your personal information required and submit it. Note that  as E-mail address, you must use your official DTU e-mail address eg.


Network License

Eligible for this type of license are machines that are permanently at an institute at DTU.

The licenses are provided for Mathematica version 12 and older, the server name is

Additional information on the license can be read here:

In order for one to obtain a license from the license server you need to use your DTU user ID, where for students is of type s123456 and for academic staff of type abcd. Finally, in order to access a license from the license server you need to connect to port 16286.


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