Eduroam (education roaming) is an international educational/scientific roaming access service. It provides Internet access for all students and staff at DTU. It is the preferred way of accessing the wireless network at DTU. In the following sections, the setup of eduroam in different operating systems is described.

Beware that wired eduroam is not available at DTU.

Please note that the eduroam network name is case-sensitive, and the correct way is 'eduroam' (even though it is written with a capital E at the start of some sentences).

General Information about eduroam

Eduroam is the worldwide university network. In Denmark, these universities support eduroam:

Aalborg University
Aarhus School of Business
Aarhus University
Copenhagen Business School
Faculty of Humanities
IT-University of Copenhagen
Roskilde University
Technical University of Denmark
The Royal Library
University College Sjælland
University of Copenhagen
University of Southern Denmark

Eduroam has the advantage that you use the same login to access any eduroam network. As a student or employee at DTU you use your DTU login to gain access.

For more information about eduroam, visit the eduroam homepage.
From there you can select the app that is suitable for your operating system, and then follow the guided procedure on how to setup your device.

Remember to select DTU as organization




If you are able to obtain an IP, but not able to access any websites, please see the troubleshooting section for wireless. It also applies to eduroam. The DNS settings are usually to blame for this. They need to be set to automatic.

If you have any issues connecting to eduroam please contact AIT.





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