What is the size limit for my repository?

There is no limit for the size of your repositories. Please use that privilege with respect, and please consult us if you need to store large amounts of data.

 What is my username and password for repos? How do I change my password? uses the DTU Single Sign-On (SSO). This means that your username and password for is the same as the one for CampusNet and that you change your password via (as usual).

 What is my username and password for a given repository on

That is something the owner of the repository decides on each repository.

 I forgot my password to a repository. Can you send it to me?

No. You have to ask the owner of the repository for a new one. If you are the owner you can reset the password of your user on

 What happens to old repositories?

Repositories that have not been updated (i.e. changed/written to) within the past running 365 days will be archived. Once archived, they will not be accessible for users. The owner can request the repository to be restored within a year of the repository being archived. After that we reserve the right to remove the archived repository.

 What happens to my repository when I no longer work/study here?

When your DTU account is closed, you will no longer be able to administrate your repository on So you will not be able to create new repositories, add/remove users to existing ones etc.

See also What happens to old repositories? above and Can I export my repository and move it somewhere else?

 Can I export my repository and move it somewhere else?

Yes. This is done by downloading a backup of your repository from This backup has all the history of the repository and can be used to restore your repository on or any other site of your choosing.

Note at the time of writing, we do not provide backups of GIT repositories. However, since GIT is a Distributed Version Control System your clone of the repository can be used for this purpose.

 My repository was archived, how do I unarchive it?

It is currently only possible by requesting G-Bar support to do it. Please contact us per mail (click here for a template).

 What is the minimum version of GIT for using

We recommend that you use 1.7.10 or newer. Older versions may cause trouble when cloning or pushing changes (see this github help page for more information.

 Can I use SSH keys?

No, at the moment it is not possible to access the repositories via SSH access.

 Is there a way to avoid having to type my repository username and password each time?

Yes. If the owner has allowed anonymous access to the repository, read-only access for SVN and GIT should not require a password. The standard command line client for SVN will offer to remember your password and GIT can be configured to cache it as well (for the latter, see github's help page on that topic)


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