The G-Bar offers revision control through CVS, Subversion (SVN) and GIT. Using version control is quite useful when working more people in a group, and also if you want an overview of the changes made to different files.Revision Control System (RCS) is also installed. This program can be used to keep track of changes to a local project. RCSs are not particular good at handling binary files, such as executable files, images etc.  The G-Bar hosts a service called (Repos FAQ), where employees and students of DTU can create repositories.


Version Control Systems (VCS)

The G-Bar has clients for CVS, Subversion (SVN), GIT and Mercurial (hg) on the application nodes.  We also provide hosting for CVS, SVN and GIT on for students and employees of DTU.  Beyond the command line clients some IDEs (e.g. git support for eclipse and netbeans) have either built-in support for or plug-ins to support these VCSs.  There are also graphical user interfaces for many of these VCSs, like TortoiseSVN or TortoiseGit.

For more information on the given VCS, please see the relevant manual.



01 2017
Please note that the IT support office has been moved to the DTU library. Latex support remains in 308.
12 2015
Want to take advantage of the new GitLab service, or perhaps move your existing repos project over? Check out
04 2015
ShareLaTex We now offer ShareLatex, an online mulituser system for making LaTex documents. Check out and