WinSCP is a program for Windows, which makes it possible to perform secure copying between Windows and Unix machines over a network. Specifically, this is useful if you want remote access to files you have stored in your G-Bar account.

A more detailed description can be found here: WinSCP Wikipages

Where to get WinSCP

WinSCP is available for download from WinSCP Homepage

How to use WinSCP

You should be presented with a login prompt when you start WinSCP. Here, you may fill in information about the host and port you want to connect to, as well as your username and password. Then press "login". If WinSCP asks you whether you are sure that you want to connect, then accept. If everything works out as intended, you should be presented with a split window, one half showing your local home directory, the other half showing your remote home directory (on the host you just connected to).

Information example

Example information needed to perform a successful WinSCP login could be:

User name: s012345
Password: examplepassword

This would connect the user s012345 to the G-Bar servers. The password your normal DTU one. To setup access using ssh keys refer to the instructions here.

Storing a session

Sometimes you want to connect to the same host more than once. For this purpose, it is possible to store a session, which may then be used without the necessity of filling in information every time you want to create a connection. Simply select "save" in the bottom of the initial window after you have filled out the necessary information, instead of "login". The stored session will then be available from the "stored sessions" list on the left side of the program window.

Working with the files

Working with the files is fairly straightforward. Browse to the files you want to copy on the machine you want to copy from (that is, files on either the local or remote machine), and drag them to the other half of the window (after you've browsed to the folder you want to put them in here). Shift+leftclick on multiple files should select all of them.

The "Transfer Setting" should be set to Binary if transferring anything other than plain text.


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