ANSYS is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) software used mainly in engineering simulations. This software is widely used by companies to predict the behaviour of their products in the real world. With this finite element analysis software, users can change physical constraints to simulate tests that would otherwise be impossible or impractical to perform.

DTU provides the ANSYS installation files for Windows and for Linux.

You can download ANSYS installation files here.

Installation instructions are available as a .pdf file on the downloads page.

License Agreement

Current license information can be read here.

Terms of Use

The license terms can be read here and here (detailed).

ANSYS Student Portal

Students have the opportunity to access technical notes, FAQs, knowledge resources, product documentation, academic or student specific content (training and tutorials) and (sometimes) technical support from ANSYS Customer Portal. This portal can be used by academic students to access a limited version of the ANSYS Customer Portal, boosted with student specific content.

You can register for the ANSYS Student Portal through this link or ANSYS homepage. Additional information can be found at the end of Mbar-Information page.


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