KeyShot is a system for turning a 3D CAD model, that you've created, into a realistic image. The software can also be used for creating animation. Thus, it is commonly used by a big variety of customers, such as engineers, designers, CG professionals, architects etc. It is possible to run on both Windows and MacOS (System Requirements) and can import most formats of CAD files. Some of the CAD software already has plug-ins that support KeyShot; these are:

  • Creo 1.0
  • Pro/Engineer Wildfire and Cre Element/Pro
  • Rhinoceros
  • SolidWork

You can download it from here. Navigate to the folder KeyShot and choose the version that is suitable for your system.

How to install KeyShot 7

The software instruction guide we provide is for Windows 10/64-bit. You need to be connected to the DTU/eduroam network for the initial install, afterwards you can borrow a license for up to 7 days offline usage. Details on the license and usage restrictions can be read here

Step 1

Run the file keyshot_w64_7.1.51.exe. If you get the warning window about the program making changes to your computer, allow it. You should then get the starting window of the installation.

Step 2

Accept the End-User License Agreement

In the next window choose the users you want to install KeyShot for. For example, if you are using a laptop and you have more than one account, you can choose to install the software for all of them.

Step 3

Choose the destination folder for installing the software and in the following window choose the folder for locating the Keyshot resources. The default folders are shown in the images below, but you can change them if you wish.

Select the installation Location:

Step 4

Wait until the installation is finished then run the software:

Step 5

In the next window select Floating License:

Server (Accessible only when connected to DTU/eduroam network) is

Now the software is installed and connected to the licence server, you will be prompted to install any available updates on first run.


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