Maple is a versatile algebraic computer software. It can solve equations, draw plots and much more.

Maple also comes with a vast number of packages, which expands the functionality to cover areas as statistics  dynamic systems and many more. 

It is also the standard mathematical tool for all new students at DTU and it is introduced in the fundamental mathematics courses.


Getting Maple

All students can download Maple from the download page and install it.

System requirements for version 2020:

To get Maple, do the following:

  • Go to downloads and choose the installer for your operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac)

  • Run the installer - Selecting "Stand Alone License" and enter the activation code, which can be found on the downloads server. (The networked license can be used when you have connectivity to the DTU network)

NOTE WINDOWS USERS: The installer MUST be run with administrator privileges otherwise it will not work.

To run the installer as administrator in Windows:

  • Right click on the install file
  • Choose "run as administrator"
Install Using Administrator

Under Windows 8, you may be required to run the installation under compatibility mode for Windows 7. This is done by:

  • Right-clicking the installer
  • Select Properties->Compatibility
  • Select run in "Compatibility mode for Windows 7"
  • Try to launch the installer once again.

Accessing Maple Via the G-bar

Like many other programs, Maple can be run on the G-bar servers. This is done by:

  • Logging into the G-bar via ThinLinc.
  • Choosing the menu item "Maple (GUI)" under "DTU" -> "Mathematics"
Maple via Thinlinc

Know issues with Maple

The most frequent error message encountered is "Kernel connection has been lost" The known reasons for this problem is listed below:


  • Maple won't start at all

This may be caused by files whose modification time is newer than your system clock. See Maple's website for more information.


  • Maple won't evaluate a specific expression

Check your typing. If you try to evaluate an expression containing an integration of 'f(t)' (a function declaration) Maple will in some instances return the "kernel has been lost..." message.


  • Maple won't evaluate any expression

Check your firewall settings. Maple consists of two layers, a GUI (Graphic user interface) and a computational layer. Some firewall settings may prevent the two layers from communicating. Try deactivating your firewall. Also see maplesoft homepage for further help.


  • "There were problems during the loading process. Your worksheet may be incomplete."

There is a simple solution for this. First, try restarting Maple and reloading the file. Secondary, if the problem still persists, you can increase the resources available to the loading mechanism. In the launch.ini file in the bin directory (bin.X86_64_WINDOWS" on 64-bit Windows), add the following:



  • Maple only shows blank characters

Some users have reported that they are unable to see any special characters in Maple and it only shows blank white boxes instead. This is a rare problem and no direct solution has been found yet. But, the problem has only been observed on Vista machines and the recommended action is therefore to upgrade to Windows 7.

If your problem is not listed here, contact the G-bar-support or check the Maplesoft homepage.

Renewal of license

The license for Maple runs for approximately one year. This means that Maple will stop working after one year. We do not renew the standalone licenses for Maple in case a new version is released before the license for the current version expires. Thus, please go to our downloads page and download the new version. However, the network licenses do not expire so if you need functionality from a previous version of Maple you're encouraged to use this.


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