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Antivirus software

In order to keep your computer free of viruses, it is important that you install an antivirus program. This program will make sure that files you come into contact with are clean.

There are a number of high quality antivirus programs that are available free of charge. Here are some examples, which you might find useful.


  • Windows
    AVG is one of the most popular antivirus programs for Windows — especially its free edition, which is available from here.
  • Linux
    In the case of Linux, there is usually no need for any antivirus software. However, if you need it, you might try the free and open-source ClamAV. You should be able to easily install it using your package manager. The installation and configuration procedure for Ubuntu is available here.
  • OSX
    Similarly to Linux, OSX usually does not need antivirus protection. Nevertheless, there are some free antivirus programs for it. For instance, iAntivirus which can be downloaded here. Moreover, the ClamXav (which uses ClamAV engine) is also freely available and can be downloaded from its webpage.

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