Due to spam hyperactivity DTU decided to implement a spamfilter. Please go ahead and check out wikipedia if you are not sure what spam or spamfilter is. You can find here basic guide on how to use the DTU spamfilter.

Release of emails

Several times during the day, spamfilter reports will be generated and sent directly to you. They will show all blocked emails over the past hours. If there are any filtered emails waiting for your action, you will be noticed. Check below for the examples of the emails you can expect.

Emails from those lists can be released by clicking on RELEASE, after which the email will be automatically delivered to the your inbox. If you take neither positive nor negative action on an email within 30 days, it will be deleted.

If you RELEASE mail, the sender will be automatically added to the personalized White List so that emails from that address will not be withheld in future, unless they contain a virus or other dangerous content.

Click on the "Click Here" to see a full list of all quarantined emails

Check the quarantine mails

Login to check:

spamfilter login

When you click on the link you are taken to our system. You simply log in with your primary mail address in the e-mail field and your ordinary DTU password.

Once you are logged in, you can see a complete overview of all the emails sent to you, but which have been withheld. It is possible to use several filters to search amongst them. You can release email here, by clicking the Release button. You will then be able to find these emails in your inbox in your mail application.

White/Black list

Spamfilter monitors and remembers your decisions. But you can edit the list of who to trust yourself.

It is a good idea to select Delete, because this will automatically add the email to your individual Black list, and emails will not be directed to your personal mail box.

To maintain the list of recipients – press Preferences. Here you have the opportunity to maintain the list of recipients in field below called Antispam Management

To maintain the list of senders you DO trust, you need to click on White.

To maintain the list of senders you DO NOT trust, you need to click on Black.

You add an email address by typing them into the top field and pressing Add. You can remove them from the list again by selecting and pressing Remove Selected. All mails sent by you will automatically be placed on your White List. At present this only works for and .dk addresses but is in the process of being expanded to all.

On your White List you will find those addresses which you have released. If, by mistake, you release a mail, it is a good idea to go in here and remove the sender again.

You can also use *@[domænenavn].toplevel, in order to block entire domains. You can also remove those you have already added, if you discover a mistake or change your mind.

Accessing your spambox

To access your quarantined e-mails (spambox), you need to login to the spamfilter webinterface. Please note, that you need to use your (primary) e-mail address (the user name is not enough!), and your standard DTU password to obtain access.


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