If you are looking for the slides and exercises from the introductory lecture on "IT & Computers at DTU" then the slides can be found here danish/english and the exercises here.

Here you will find information about the systems provided by G-bar. The General DataBar, (G-Bar) is a service providing IT solutions to students of DTU.


We provide 

  • Guides on how to connect to eduroam at campus, usage of general IT services
  • Large amounts of downloadable course software, including Matlab, Maple and much more
  • Plenty of computing power (for big simulations, consult the HPC site) 
  • 30 GB of online storage
  • SVN, CVS and GIT repositories for version control
  • Printing services in all our databars

Person to person help is found at the Lyngby Office 125D in Building 308, you can check out the opening hours at OFFICE HOURS.

If you need to make a reservation of one of the databars, check out RESERVATIONS.

You can try to use the search function to find relevant content. You can also find a list of support articles under FAQ.

If you need support, you can find the contact information under CONTACT.

This site also contains news updates on the status of systems and software.

Furthermore, we also provide exercises and courses that introduces the IT system at DTU. For more information, check out Exercises.



The G-Bar is a separate databar, which means that we have nothing to do with other databars e.g E-bar, Win-bar. If you are looking for another databar information look at  



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WPS (SAS language / Statistics) Installed on G-bar and DTU wide Campus License available The World Programming System (WPS) is a software platform for working with data and statistics. WPS can run programs written using the SAS language, ie. both the DATA-steps and the PROC-steps are supported. WPS supports the most widely used SAS procedures, but offers also a possibility to call the widely used R programs from within WPS (using Proc R). The WPS Workbench GUI is based on Eclipse. WPS is able to handle huge data volumes, and is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Login node will be changed, SSH-key updated.
Last edited 9 March 2015 will be migrated Wednesday afternoon / evening. This will cause the SSH to be updated. Just accpet the new key when asked. This will only occur on the first login after the migration.

Repos server and down on Monday, the 30th of March
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Due to maintenance work on DTUBasen, the and will be unavailable on Monday the 30th of March

SunRay Terminals - END OF LIFE
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Please be aware that the SunRay Terminals will be switched off permanentely on 15/8/2015. If you have any questions regarding this, you can send an email to

Evening courses the 8th and 10th of September
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G-bar is providing two evening courses that go through our introduction exercises, Tuesday the 8th of September and Thursday the 10th of September in building 308. During the evening supporters will be there to answer any question that you might have. You can read more on the exercises page.


12 2015
Want to take advantage of the new GitLab service, or perhaps move your existing repos project over? Check out
12 2015
Welcome to our new supporter in the G-bar, Aleksander!
09 2015
The G-bar is looking to hire new supporters! If you are interested you can read more here. Note that the deadline is the 16th of October!
08 2015
SunRay Terminals - END OF LIFE: Please be aware that the SunRay Terminals will be switched off permanentely on 15/8/2015. If you have any questions regarding this, you can send an email to
09 2014
When you log in to your studentmail, remember to use your student number (sXXXXXX) as username.
04 2015
ShareLaTex We now offer ShareLatex, an online mulituser system for making LaTex documents. Check out and
06 2014
Since we will not be available in our office during holidays we added live support. If there is nobody online you can still contact us via mail. Enjoy!
01 2015
Matlab is available for download on downloads page with a student license. Follow the instructions under the matlab link on the download page.