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ANSYS is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) software used mainly in engineering simulations. This software is widely used by companies to predict the behaviour of their products in the real world. With this finite element analysis software, users can change physical constraints to simulate tests that would otherwise be impossible or impractical to perform.

DTU provides the ANSYS installation files for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit and for Linux 64-bit.

You can download ANSYS installation files here.

Installation instructions are available as a .pdf file on the downloads page.

License Agreement

M-Bar ANSYS software and current license information found here.

In the following table you can see an example of the product names and the number of licenses, which M-bar purchased for Release 14.0 of the software. Here you can find more information about what each product offers.

Additional information on license features and expiry dates:

The most recent ANSYS Release is installed throughout M-bar. Renewed once a year, the licenses are acquired through M-bar for use in courses, such as: 41812 FEM-Light, 46410 Fiber-Reinforced Lightweight Structures, and 62677 Mechanics 3.

Licenses are freely available for students through the DTU network. You can find a guide on how to obtain a license and install the software on the ANSYS page of

Terms of Use

Licenses are permitted for teaching purposes and for certain types of research only. The license terms can be read here and here. PhD students can use the licenses only if they are physically located at DTU. PhD students not physically located at DTU should comply with the license conditions, including the use of ANSYS only for research that is published. You cannot use licenses obtained through a VPN connection. Use your DTU username to access product releases 12.1, 13.0 and 14.0 on the License Server,

DTU employees, PhD students, and guests are welcome to contribute financially to the maintenance of licenses, which costs:

  • Access for all employees and others in a department: DKK 25,000 per year
  • Access for individual employees and others: DKK 2,000 per year, per person

Contact for further information about making a donation.

Borrow a License

Borrowing a license is an option for people who require temporary access to ANSYS software. The ANSYS Academic Teaching Introductory License permits 5 days-use of the software outside DTU. To obtain this borrower's license, however, you need to be inside DTU. Then you can follow the instructions here.

ANSYS Student Portal

Students have the opportunity to access technical notes, FAQs, knowledge resources, product documentation, academic or student specific content (training and tutorials) and (sometimes) technical support from ANSYS Customer Portal. This portal can be used by academic students to access a limited version of the ANSYS Customer Portal, boosted with student specific content.

You can register to ANSYS Student Portal through this link or ANSYS homepage. Fill in your student number (e.g. s123456) as "Account Number (Customer Number)" and Technical University of Denmark as "Academic Facility Name".


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